The beginning

When our book club decided we should each do a year long project and blog about it, a la Julie and Julia, I decided to use the opportunity to benefit my writing. Besides….while I do like a good bacon cheeseburger now and then, I don’t think I could eat a year’s worth and still keep my cholesterol down.

So I am committing to one poem a week for a year. This is also remarkable because up until several years ago, I was a person who didn’t read poetry and would never think of writing it. Then I was forced to in creative writing class and found out it wasn’t so bad, in fact it was kind of fun.

I love words and often see pictures in my head when I hear certain words. Often I will read through a poem very quickly just to see what images pop up. Sometimes I like to savor the feeling of the words on my tongue or the way they flow together.

It will be a challenge to write the kind of poetry that can do that. So we’ll see starting February 1st if I’m up to it. Wish me luck!

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