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Poem #4

Well I have come to week four of my challenge and it has happened. I knew it would eventually, but  I didn’t realize it would be so soon. The inspiration and excitement of starting something new and all my “easy” ideas have … Continue reading

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Poem #3

One thing I thought would be hard about writing poetry was the rhyming.  I mean, poems have to rhyme, right?  That’s what I, and a lot of people, thought before I actually started learning about them. It turns out that they … Continue reading

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Poem #2

As I cast about for topics for this week’s poem, I realized I had been thinking a lot about my dad.  This is the 5th anniversary of his death and I thought it was time to do some remembering that … Continue reading

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Poem #1

Since this is the beginning of my quest, I decided to stick with the theme of beginnings. And so, for my very first poem, I give you, Beginnings.  (Do you sense a pattern here?)   Beginnings This is the genesis, … Continue reading

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